Hello, I’m Adrian and I would like to say something about myself. I discovered the wedding cinematography in 2010, about 11 years ago. I was young and clueless, but I was extremely determined to learn everything there was to learn, because I had discovered my passion.

 It all started as a hobby. I was working in marketing and videography was a new and exciting topic for me. As time passed, it became a part time job. I would work in marketing all day, but at night, especially in the weekends, I was at weddings and christening parties trying to capture in a camera precious and unforgettable moments in people’s lives. I fell in love with it. I felt like the dream I never knew I had came true. Those moments inspired me to turn it into my career, a full time job. I knew it would be difficult at first, but I had all the support I needed from my family. I attended workshops with people that saw things just the way I did. I made friends, and soon became part of the memory maker’s community. I invested time and effort to become who I am now and I cannot wait for the adventures ahead of me.

Now that you know my back story let’s talk about more informal things. I like to travel and see the world, I am an extrovert who likes socializing and talking to new people, I love to laugh and make people feel comfortable around me and I am open to the new.

This was just a short presentation of who I am and there are a lot more things to say, but you will have the chance to get to know me better if you decide I am the right person who gets to have the honor of being in charge of your memories.

Coffee lover

This is me, a coffee lover.

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